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Reviews on Zillow
"I can’t say enough good things about the Kathleen McKone Realty Group. I would recommend them to my closest relative. Kathleen personally saved my ... more "
by sharkmand
"OMG! Kathleen is amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better person to go through this process. She is not judgmental; she allows you to make up your own mind and opinion. She helped me find the perfect investment property. Kathleen balances her passion for finding you the right home and dynamism to get it all done on time…outstanding professionalism too! She isn’t pushy and in-it-just-to-make-a-buck…she truly wants you to find your new home. You can’t go wrong, choose Kathleen to help you find your next Home or Investment property"
by zuser20150821143903543
"Kathleen and I hit it off right away! I could not help but realize how honest and realistic she was. She kept insisting, if you do not love it I'm ... more "
by zuser20140416094128042